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Activities to achieve our Vision & Mission

Awareness – We will build awareness in the children of our local communities so that they may understand the larger world they live in, the challenges that exist in that world, and their potential to impact it in a positive way.

Mobilization – We will transform awareness into action through compelling targeted programs and involvement in fulfilling the vision of A Goal of Their Own.

Commitment – We will work within our community and network of resources to build a sustainable funding model for the programs that will be implemented.

Execution – We will coordinate the combination of coaching, funding, and social aspects into a focused, efficient effort that delivers change where it is needed most.

Feedback – We will collect and share demonstrable results and stories to build further awareness and engagement to perpetuate the cycle.

Program Example: The Assist

We will facilitate ongoing adoption of an African community by a local US community connected through soccer and affiliated with a youth soccer organization such as a local AYSO region. US fundraising through A Goal of Their Own will provide financial resources, equipment, and logistical support. US participation will include collection of lightly used equipment, jerseys, and other soccer supplies as needed. Fundraising will be done at a youth level (bake sales, etc.) to foster their engagement but will also execute fundraising strategies targeted at significant corporate sponsorship. To further involve youth, we will enable school-based letter writing activities as well as the making of “friendship” bracelets and similar child-to-child connections that will be shared upon implementation.  Leveraging a locally based NGO in the country identified, the equipment and targeted funds will be administered in the region and will include a soccer-themed country visit by local soccer coaches. During this visit the ongoing social/humanitarian usage of the funds will be implemented and confirmed. We will document the visit with compelling video and media that can be shared back in the US to continue the cycle of engagement.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

A Goal of Their Own will focus on the following subset of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals through its program and activities. These will be implemented to varying degrees in each program based on the identified needs in each region in which we are working.

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