A Goal of Their Own

We aim to improve the world one goal at a time using the universal power of sports, the joy of children, and the connection of community.

A Goal of Their Own enables...


We strive to improve the educational levels in rural regions by working with in-country groups to facilitate the distribution of books, supplies and learning materials.

International Pen Pals

Helping local US schools establishing connections between US youth and African children, including letter delivery, Pen Pals and other collaborative efforts.

Health & Welfare

Logistics and execution assistance for health clinics and implementation of preventative health measures. Pharmaceutical distribution and education.

Nature Conservation

Research, education and conservancy of precious natural resources.

Our Mission

Improving the world one goal at a time

Every child should be given the chance to dream and achieve their goals. Here at A Goal of Their Own we use “The Beautiful Game” of soccer to bring positive change to places most in need, one goal at a time. We are focused on the idea that great things can be accomplished when individuals choose a goal and work towards it collectively to make the world a better place. We do this by connecting our local communities with social & humanitarian NGOs whose work we will accelerate through the engagement of children in sports. This will be done in a unique and compelling way to make an impact, build long-term sustainability and continuous improvement that ultimately will allow all children to reach their goals.

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